Recipe Review: Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

Carrot cake was mostly responsible for my freshman fifteen—the other contributors being Lays and liquor. Ah, those were the days. I mean, my college cafeteria served carrot cake every damn day. How is a girl supposed to say no to carrot cake every day? She can’t. She didn’t.

Since going vegan over ten years ago, I rarely see a vegan carrot cake option. So, you can imagine my excitement when Oh She Glows released a vegan carrot cake baked oatmeal recipe. This recipe is so easy that even I did it with ease. There are no weird ingredients or complicated directions. Just measure, mix, and bake. Done.

Carrot Cake Review

What I loved about this recipe:

  1. A healthy, vegan treat!
  2. So stinking easy.
  3. Most of the ingredients are always on hand.
  4. The smell was AMAZING. It made the whole house smell like a bakery for hours.
  5. Everything was well cooked and tasted delicious.

What I didn’t love…

  1. I have half a bag of shredded carrots left over, which means I’m going to have to mix in a salad or two this week before they go bad. Blah.
  2. I’ll use more raisins and walnuts next time-they were my favorite part.
  3. The frosting was definitely missed, but then I remembered this was oatmeal and not actually cake.

Head over to Oh She Glows and try it yourself (and all her other amazing vegan recipes!).



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