Dig a Little Deeper With Tantrums of Genius

DavidTantrums of Genius is a short, yet powerful compilation of poetry and writings that leave you questioning the daily grind and dare you to appreciate the ordinary. David Divine Brooks provokes you to see the everyday expected as pieces of treasures forgotten in a time of politics and corporate-minded thinking. Tantrums of Genius will have you seeing with a sharpened focus. Perfect for those of us (raises hand) suffering from writer’s block. 

“I wish I could see life again. I wish I could see it the way back before I was learned, before I was taught.” – David Divine Brooks, Engraved 

When I read those lines, I immediately thought of one of my main characters and was finally able to put emotion to a situation that was stumping me. If you’re like me and struggle to write those next 500 words, this read is excellent lube for your rusty brain gears. Yes, I just offered you brain lube. We often get stuck in our own head or the mundane process of the day, but these poems are sure to get the creativity flowing. Dig a little deeper and enjoy the words of Tantrum from Genius on Amazon.


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