Social Media Facelift: How to Create a Campaign with Fresh Eyes

When I worked for a social media agency, I managed the same brand for three years. It was challenging to always create fresh content, but it was especially challenging to develop a social media campaign through tired eyes. Your mind goes on cruise control when you have thoughts like, “We can only say things this way and we aren’t allowed to do XYZ.” It stifles the creative process. You may have restrictions, but you can overcome those roadblocks after you brew up the perfect campaign. Put your frustration aside and read on.


Social Media Facelift

Give your tired eyes a lift by brainstorming the campaign request through a totally different brand. I hope you involve a team of coworkers when creating a new digital marketing campaign, because that’s a huge key to success. I’m sure you’re amazing at crafting ideas on your own, but a team really helps to provide a different perspective.

If you work for an agency, pull your team together, but don’t tell them what brand made the campaign request (heck, say it’s for a pitch!). Instead, come prepared with a different brand , but the same marketing objectives. If this is an internal brainstorm, tell them right away that you want them to pretend they work for a different company.

How it Works

Let’s say you work for a home improvement brand and you’re tasked with creating a holiday social media campaign that raises awareness and sales. But screw home improvement right now (see what I did there?), time to pretend you work for a coffee brand. Maybe your coffee brand has partnered with a creamer company for this holiday campaign and your brainstorm leads your team to discussing how folks take their coffee. Gingerbread to peppermint sticks, you have a million ways how your fans can share how they take their coffee during the festive season. But wait—the idea is further flushed out to be a ‘this or that’ challenge. Each week fans can vote and choose whether they prefer peppermint or pumpkin pie creamer. You now have yourself a campaign that can foster engagement and sales for a couple weeks.

Time to flip it and reverse it. Make it work for your home improvement company by taking the same idea and applying it to your brand. How do you decorate your home during the holidays? Images can be rustic versus tradition decorations or white lights versus multi-colored lights—all while showcasing your products available in store. Cherry on top? People who voted for the winning image get a discount coupon code for the store.

we did it.gif

You’ll be shocked how many fresh ideas come to mind when you step outside your brand. Get creative, step out of your (dis)comfort zone, and give yourself a social media facelift. No surgery required.

How do you keep your social media ideas fresh?


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