Book Review: Glass Sword (Red Queen)


What is this cliffhanger hell?

I loved Red Queen, except for the cliffhanger. I really liked Glass Sword, except for the downright painful cliffhanger. As an aspiring author of what I hope to be a series of books, I understand the benefits to a “what happens next” ending. As a reader, it destroys my soul. Maybe not so much the unclear ending, but the pain that goes into waiting for the next installment.

As therapy, I decided to write this book review as a series of cliffhangers. I’d say enjoy the review, but I kind of hope it leaves you as frustrated as I feel. I’m selfish like that.

tine fey

Mare Barrow’s story picks up with the rebel army and her quest for finding more newbloods like her and her brother. She is also fighting an internal battle of recovering from her past and having control over her future.

The worldbuilding is amazing. Travel is the name of the game in this sequel, so Victoria Aveyard really had to think how different cities would smell, look, and operate. She nailed it with so many examples that I’m not going to share with you. Nope.

We also get to experience the lightning girl’s transformation after the heartache and pain she suffered in the first book. I mean, Cal has this epic blowup with her that is just, oh, you know, epic. I wonder what will happen with them. Can’t say. Don’t know.

The hunt for the new Red-and-Silver fighters is a tedious journey and they pile up quickly. I felt like it stalled the plot a bit. I kept waiting for Maven to pop-up and he does….once or twice…maybe. My memory is failing.

And a major character is killed. Boom. That’s all you get.


So, there you go. The lack of juicy info is fun, isn’t it?


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