When is it Acceptable to Add Social Media to Your Resume?

Everyone uses social media today, but it doesn’t automatically make you an expert. I’m about to toss some cold water on those of you who put social media experience on your resume. I’ve been a part of many resume reviews for social media related jobs and the crap I see is downright disrespectful to those with true social media expertise. If you want to avoid potential employees rolling their eyes at your resume, ask yourself these questions before adding social media to your resume.

1. Have I only used social media for personal use?

If you answered yes, you have no business adding social media to your resume. That’s like me saying that I volunteered at an animal shelter, so I have veterinary experience. Creating content and managing accounts just for yourself rarely pushes you to think outside your own personal brand and opinions. Acting as a community manager, content creator or social media manager means writing in a completely different voice. Not to mention, you may be put in a position to write about things that you may not be interested in or even disagree with.

2. Do I love to write?

This one always knocks me on my ass. I’ve actually interviewed people who listed social media as a proficient skill, but then tell me writing isn’t their strong suit. Da fuck? You do realize that social media is 90% copywriting, right? You MUST love to write and be damn good at it.

3. Can I say that I have documented success using social media?

A potential employee is going to ask you about your successes with gained followers, impressions and engagement rate. If you don’t have clear examples, then you shouldn’t claim to be a social media expert. Now, this doesn’t mean your required to have worked for a Fortune 500 brand, but maybe you have successes from a blog you manage. Just be able to talk about challenges and how you overcome them.

4. Would an employee be impressed by my timeline?

Take a look at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… timeline and ask yourself if it comes across professional, diverse and well-executed. Do you have grammatical errors? Do you use images effectively? Do you utilize video? Are you up to date on all the latest trends and tools?

5. Do I have marketing experience?

Social media is a form of digital marketing. Do you have the ability to brainstorm large campaigns that filter up to marketing objectives? Do you have the ability to think strategically about potential copy, rules, images, influencers, and timelines?

If you want to work in social, but failed this pop quiz, don’t be discouraged. You can pave your own way to gaining the experiences that you need. You can take a freelance job in your spare time (like I did) or start your own brand by blogging, testing content and trying campaigns to gain followers and increase engagement. Just do what it takes to give yourself some real social media experience to avoid potential employers using your resume as a dart board. Not that I’ve done that…


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