Writing Pains: The Pitfalls of Creativity Myths

Last week I talked about writing best practice myths, which falls in nicely with week’s discussion of creative myths. In chapter 6 of ‎Gabriela Pereira‎’s DIY MFA book, she debunks five myths about creativity:

– Creativity is an exclusive club, and you can’t be part of it.
– Creativity is innate–you either have it or you don’t.
– Creativity is driven by chaos, so there’s no way to control it.
– Creativity is all about getting that one “Big Idea.”
– Creativity is focusing on an idea until it’s perfect.

As part of the DIY MFA Street Team, we were asked which of these myths hit us right in the gut. Honestly, I could barely read past the first myth through the frustrated tears in my eyes. I often feel like the published authors of the world are all celebrating in some secret room wearing special robes and drinking from a fountain of endless booze. Bastards.


You’ve all heard stories about some of the bestselling authors initially rejected, so how could I possibly get into this exclusive club? Well, that thinking is as productive as a hamster on a glued wheel. It wasn’t until recently that I walked away from that closed door and decided to throw my own party.

Sure, the end goal is to get published, but in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy each of milestones. Celebrate your first 10K words. Rejoice in awesome feedback from your friends and family. Make finishing your novel a bucket list item and try not to worry if it ends up in the trash bucket. Just savor the ride and it will show in your work.

Which myth is most difficult for you to overcome?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Rhonda Strong Gilmour says:

    None of them resonate with me. They’re nonsense. We’re all creative. Sure, I don’t like getting those rejection letters, but they’re part of paying my dues. Happy scribbling!


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