June Social Media Content Ideas for Writers

Happy June, writers! It’s time for camping, vacations, and cookouts galore, but don’t let your social media efforts dwindle with all of your exciting plans. Published authors know the importance of a strong social presence, but writers working on their publishing goals should be establishing a community of fans online, too. Finding ideas for content can be challenging between writing shiny new chapters, character development, and edits. So, here are some ideas to fill up that content calendar.

June 8th – National Best Friends Day

This fun holiday usually trends on social media, so it is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on your antagonist’s best friend, sidekick or even spouse.

IDEA: Add a quote from your book to a free stock image.


June 14th – Flag Day

This is a cool opportunity for fantasy or sci-fi writers. Does your nation, territory or district have a flag? Use Canva or PicMonkey to create one!

June 19 – Father’s Day

Did your Pops encourage you to write? Time to give him a shout-out. You could also highlight a father from your book.

IDEA: “She may be an orphan, but Henreb certainly wins Father of the Year in Harvest’s eyes. #FathersDay”

June 20th – World Productivity Day

Novels wouldn’t never be published without some wicked productivity. Set a word count goal for yourself on this day and tweet/post it and ask others to join you.

IDEA: “I’m writing 700 words today for #WorldProductivityDay. Join me and let me know how it went.”

June 20th – Summer Solstice

It’s the first day of summer – a new season of writing adventures. Share your work in progress and the goal you have for the summer.

June 30th – Social Media Day

This is not the day to be dark on social media. Create a day-long campaign that helps you gain followers and connect to new people.

IDEA: Give a shout-out to your followers throughout the day by sharing what you love about following them on social. Example: “Giving some love to my favorite followers for #SocialMediaDay. Thank you for always encouraging me @RailynWrites!”

Evergreen Ideas

  • June is National Camping Month. Do you write under the stars? Take a pic and share it.
  • Summer Travel
  • School is out/Summer Break
  • Summer Reading List
  • #1LineWed (share a line from your book every Wednesday)

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