August Social Media Content Ideas for Nonprofits


Filling that content calendar with fresh, inspiring posts can get tiresome over time. Have no fear! Tackle this month’s social media content calendar with these hot topics for nonprofits.

Assistant Dog Day – August 4th

This is an excellent opportunity to share photos and give kudos to the assistant dogs of the people you help. Animal pics are always a huge hit on social. When posting on Instagram, be sure to add other popular hashtags in the first comment, such as #DogsOfInstagram.

One of my favorite service dogs, Pandy, with my pal, Kevin.

The Olympics – August 5th -21st

This suggestion comes with a HUGE caveat. The Olympic committee has already issued a warning that non-sponsored brands and organizations are not permitted to use their logo, name or hashtag for promotions. However, you can still join the conversation on social media. For example, the nonprofit I work for, MiracleFeet, will be doing a video series on how donating to a child with clubfoot will help them cross the finish lines, scores the goals, etc… At no point do we mention the Olympics, but it certainly ties into the games.

Friendship Day – August 7th

Friendship Day has been around since 1919 and was originally created by Hallmark. Use this day to feature your donors, partners and supporters.

Book Lovers Day – August 9th

There are probably countless books written on the issue, disease or disability that your nonprofit represents. Make a top ten book list and share it throughout the day. It will be an excellent resource for your followers. Don’t forget to tag the author, so they’ll be encouraged to share and retweet to their audiences.

World Humanitarian Day – August 19th

This holiday is dedicated to raising public awareness of the work undertaken by humanitarian organizations. A perfect fit to talk about your newest efforts and your latest victories.

Women’s Equality Day – August 26th

Jump on this holiday if your nonprofit supports fair treatment of women and women’s rights. Share your most powerful stories with stunning images.


In addition to these specific holidays, August is a great time to talk about back to school. Does your organization help make it possible for children to attend school or do better in school? This month is a great time to showcase those efforts and show how donations will help more kids get an education.

Please let me know how your calendar shapes up! I’d love to follow your organization and share ideas.


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