#NationalBurgerDay: Best Damn Vegan Burger Recipes

Leave the cows alone this #NationalBurgerDay and pick on someone your own size…or much smaller in the case of these burgers. I’ve been a vegan for over ten years and a big, savory burger was damn near impossible to find or know how to make a decade ago. But hold your buns, because the vegan burger has come a long way and these are my top three tried and true vegan burger recipes.

1. Minimalist’s Baker’s Pizza Burgers

I’m totally obsessed with Everyday Cooking right now. Every recipe comes together beautifully and her pizza burgers are no exception. Her vegan Parmesan cheese is so easy and perfect, too.

Everyday Cooking

2. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Island Black Bean Burger

Take your black bean burger to the next level with this Caribbean twist recipe from the cookbook, Isa Does It. The sweet and tangy salsa puts this burger in a class of its own.


3. Minimalist Baker’s Hearty Cocoa Black Bean Burgers

Dana Shultz gets two spots on this list, because she is the burger master. Perfection in 10 simple ingredients, this burger from Everyday Cooking is deliciously different and looks as good as it tastes.

Blog burger

Runner Ups:


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